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Our Start

We are YoBro Foods LLC., formerly Arizona Living Greens, and preferring the shortened name of YoBro.

 YoBro has known many names since the business was originally established in December 2014. The one thing that has never changed is our commitment to providing the freshest and highest quality product possible. All of our microgreens, herbs, and salad greens are grown by YoBro beyond the highest of standards so our customers can be sure they are getting the cleanest greens in their products. We don't and have never used chemicals, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Behind the curtain, at the heart of it all, YoBro is run by Adam & Kelsey Dombrowski. 

     Adam and Kelsey have nearly 20 years of combined experience in produce, retail and urban farming, helping to make YoBro a company for the people. "It began with a simple idea, and a desire to work for ourselves and create a better company. After having worked for many places, Adam and I were both tired of pouring passion, time and energy into making money for companies that were only concerned with the bottom line. We understand the need to maintain balance, obviously a business has to pay for it's needs, but we also refuse to compromise quality just to save a buck."

So why YoBro? Well, it's pretty simple really. Arizona Living Greens was a fine name when were just a farm, except that we were frequently confused as being that other microgreen company. So, for two main reasons we decided on this final (and personal favorite) rebranding; #1) To set ourselves apart from other companies with similar products/business names. And #2) To prevent our business from being confined by any implied product restraints that might be associated with a business name. We want to grow, create, produce and sell delicious, clean foods in many different formats, and who knows what else we can make that fits the YoBro criteria. We can be more, we can do more, and at YoBro, we believe we can all achieve more by not being limited to a box. Plus, YoBro is just plain fun!

The Freshest Options

Great taste is the name of the game and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. To get the fresh flavor we're known for we carefully select the highest quality base ingredients to grow and create our foods. Here at YoBro we are dedicated to the farm-to-fork experience by growing much of our own ingredients for use in our bakery items and future foods. We are also constantly striving to expand our varieties of microgreens and other produce so you have more choices from the freshest company around.

YoBro Founders: Adam & Kelsey

The Freshest People

Since our humble beginning as Flagstaff Farming Co., we have refused to compromise on our quality; This mindset extends to our customers as well. It is a part of the YoBro experience to have a unique and unforgettable customer service experience. When you come to YoBro you won't be disappointed. It is our goal to give our customers a fresh, delicious product alongside an even fresher person to person interaction.

YoBro Awesomeness

Media, Interwebs & Other Coolness

2018 has been an amazing year for YoBro so far and we are incredibly excited to be able to begin sharing all the fantastic coverage we have had with our wonderful customers! Plus we have the wheels turning and we know big things are yet to come. It wouldn't be possible of course without all of you; loyal supporters, word of mouth speakers, and those who have continued to give our microgreens their own spotlight.

2018 Phoenix Vegan Food Festival 

We must first recognize the very first festival of this magnitude that we have ever participated in. Let us just say... It was AWESOME! (Photo above courtesy of the incredible photographers who shot the event.)

We can't wait until next year but in the meantime, head on over to the photo section of the VegFest Facebook page and check out the great pictures of this years event!

Zen Nights

It is our great pleasure to say that we participate in the Only monthly vegan event in the country. Zen Nights is an amazing evening and we have been overjoyed by the communities embrace of our microgreens. Check out the link to their Facebook above or peruse their Instagram.

Veggie Rebellion

Another new and fantastic experience this year was our very first (but not last) live, fresh cut pop up at a grocery store. And not just any grocery store but Arizona's only vegan grocery store. We hope to do more of the live show there again throughout the year. The folks down there are incredibly supportive of local businesses and carry not only our microgreens but plan to carry our vegan baked goods as well. Check out their Insta, it's on point yo!

VegOut! Scottsdale

Such an incredible weekend filled with marvelous people! We met some phenomenal new folks; both customers and vendors. A Yo to the folks at FoodInRoot and to all those who dedicated their time to putting on such a fabulous event! We look forward to a second year! More photos will be arriving to their Facebook page soon but there is also this sweet New Times article!

Geeks Who Eat

Did we mention it's been a great year?! All of the sharing online, and now this great blog featuring our delectable onion shoots on avocado toast. The amazing media response so far this year has been way awesome! We're gonna be honest, all the love for our product warms our hearts! Check out the Geeks Who Eat Facebook page for more good stuff!


Did you know that we deliver to some great restaurants around Phoenix? Our full list with links coming soon!

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Instead of just reading about us, come by one of our markets, festivals or pop-ups and try YoBro for yo'self. See our events section to find YoBro at an event near you!


4030 North 27th Avenue, Suite M, Phoenix, Arizona 85017